Image of previous Hesselbein lecture speakers


The Hesselbein Forum programs include: the Hesselbein Executive Coach program, the Hesselbein Forum Lecture Series, and the Leadership Program in International Affairs. 

Note: The Leadership Program in International Affairs is currently paused. 

Hesselbein Executive Coach Program

The Executive Coach Program is led by Brigette Bethea, CEO and Lead Strategist at ULEADX, who hosts themed leadership workshops throughout the semester as well as one-on-one leadership coaching sessions with students and staff.

Hesselbein Forum Lecture Series

The Frances Hesselbein Lecture Series features leaders from all sectors who speak Ms. Hesselbein’s motto, “To serve is to live”. The series features community figures, successful business leaders, and thoughtful scholars addressing leadership and management issues.

Hesselbein Forum Leadership Program in International Affairs

Hesselbein Forum director Julia Santucci designed and directs one of the Forum’s flagship programs, the Leadership Program in International Affairs, which empowers students with the skills they need to be effective leaders throughout their careers in international affairs—whether as diplomats, intelligence and security officials, development professionals, or in the private sector—and to deal effectively with leaders from around the world.